About Swifts, House Martins & Swallows

The past day 05/26/2006 in Birds in the North of Spain , this post made reference to one of the more specialist birds, the Common Swift.
Along with the House Martins and Swallows have been of the birds that more near the man live, and have come using for many years the human constructions to nest.
But now its future is uncertain, and the last studies indicate that their populations are lowering in all Europe (for further details here), mainly seems that by the agricultural changes and changes in their habitual places of nest.

In the construction of new buildings or the reconstruction or renovation of the old, one does not consider, that this being avoided that these birds nest.
New systems of roofing tiles, elimination of eaves, closing of attics…., all this do that these birds do not find good places of nest between us.
For that reason we must make an effort and to try that, when you are made east type of works install new systems that allow to the installation of these birds and their conservation. You can find information about the diferents SCHWEGLER systems here Flyer (PDF)
If some summer we do not return to listen to the precious sound of the Common Swifts, will be the saddest summer.

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House Martin double nest of Schwegler in the eaves of the Molino del Canto Inn

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