Atlas of wintering birds. VN3040

One of the most ambitious projects of the SEO/BirdLife, is the atlas of wintering birds.

These days I have finalized one of the squares that I have assigned and I believe that the balance of the three years is good.

Although has been a big effort.

The route, within the valley of zamanzas and the highland of bricia.

Two very different zones in vegetation and birds.

In all route I have located 28 different species from birds, I emphasize Brambling and Dartford Warbler.

In this square, in three years I have located a total 58 different species.

This is the relation of observed birds, and the number of birds:

Blackbird 62

Blackcap 5

Blue Tit 20

Brambling 2

Carrion Crow 28

Cetti’s Warbler 1

Cirl Bunting 62

Coal Tit 10

Common Bullfinch 38

Common Buzzard 7

Common Chaffinch 244

Common Kestrel 3

Common Raven 5

Common Starling 91

Common Stonechat 1

Common Wood Pigeon 60

Corn Bunting 3

Dartford Warbler 1

Dipper 2

Eurasian Jay 35

Eurasian Sparrowhawk 4

European Golden Plover 3

European Nuthatch 8

European Serin 1

Fieldfare 59

Firecrest 17

Goldcrest 17

Goldfinch 8

Great Cormorant 4

Great Grey Shrike 1

Great Spotted Woodpecker 10

Great Tit 56

Green Woodpecker 18

Greenfinch 5

Griffon Vulture 10

House Sparrow 31

Linnet 88

Long-tailed Tit 23

Magpie 7

Marsh Tit 1

Meadow Pipit 16

Mistle Trush 32

Northern Lapwing 60

Peregrine Falcon 1

Pied Wagtail 2

Red Kite 1

Red-billed Chough 74

Redwing 47

Robin 51

Rock Bunting 2

Rock Sparrow 1

Short-toed Treecreeper 18

Siskin 72

Sky Lark 50

Song Trush 13

Spotless Starling 9

Wren 32

Yellowhammer 11

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