Birds in migration and reproduction

Now is one of the most interesting bird watching moments, in these dates are birds mix, the birds that begin the reproduction season, with the birds still in migration and birds which still maintain winter behaviors .
By this it is easy to see migradoras flocks of birds, Waders, Kites, Merlin, Geese, Gulls, Cranes… flocks of birds wintering, Finches, Buntings… and birds that already are in the first moments of reproduction process, Stonechat, Thrushes, Tits, Chaffinch
In a trip in the area of Ebro water reservoir, flocks of Ringed Plover, Curlew, Golden Plover, Lapwing, Wigeon, Teal, Geese…
and in the same site a lot of birds singing,  Stonechat, Common Chaffinch, Skylark .

 White Storks nest
 Common Curlew

 Black-headed Gull

The checklist of the day:
Greylag Goose (European)    
Eurasian Wigeon   
Northern Shoveler   
Eurasian Teal   
Great Crested Grebe   
Black-necked Grebe   
White Stork   
Great Cormorant   
Black Kite   
Griffon Vulture   
Eurasian Sparrowhawk   
Common Buzzard   
Common Kestrel   
Eurasian Coot   
Northern Lapwing   
European Golden-Plover    18
Common Ringed Plover    25
Eurasian Curlew    31
Black-headed Gull   
Yellow-legged Gull  
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Common Wood-Pigeon   
Eurasian Hoopoe    

Eurasian Jay   
Common Magpie   
Eurasian Jackdaw   
Carrion Crow   
Coal Tit   
Common Chiffchaff    
Black Redstart   
Eurasian Blackbird   
Song Thrush   
Mistle Thrush   
European Starling   
Spotless Starling   
Meadow Pipit   
Common Chaffinch   
Eurasian Bullfinch   
House Sparrow   

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