Breeding Birds and Songbirds in Las Merindades


In this new day of birding through the P.N. Hoces del Alto Ebro y Rudrón Nature Reserve, our new friends, Marc and Gillian, coming from Scottish lands, they enjoyed some new birds and others that had long time ago that they not seen. Thank you very much for your interest in birds of Las Merindades.

During these days, the birds are in full breeding season and small colonies of some species, can be seen with the very busy birds, Rock Sparrows, Sand Martins or House Martins. The latter suffering the ignorance and despised for little birds of some people, who do not hesitate to destroy the nests of these birds.





56 species, many of them with good and close observations, Redstarts, Thrushes, Martins, Pipits, Choughs … and spectacular birds like the kingfisher or the Hoopoe, and could possibly be one of the most common birds of the Natural Park, the Red-backed Shrike, with a relatively large population, since it is easy to find breeding pairs in almost any bushes area, some closely from each other. We saw raptors like, Buzzards, Kites, Vultures or Eagles and little birds like Stonechats, or songbirds like, Melodious Warbler, Blackcap, Whitethroat…



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