The situation in Burgos is generally, unfavorable.

It is necessary to remember that an important part of the Burgos province is agricultural zones and these zones are those that have greatest losses of biodiversity

On the contrary, the abandonment of agriculture and livestock farming, mainly in the north, is favoring an increase of the forest, helping to that the forest birds also see themselves favored, especially Woodpeckers.

A clear example is the advance of the Iberian populations of Black Woodpecker.

But the worse thing than we see in the report, on Burgos, is the present state of the Important Bird Areas, being all of them with an unfavorable trend.

This quire not to say that the present state is bad, if not that is worse with respect to the last revision.

Of the 104 Important Bird Areas which were reviewed in 2008, in 42% of cases it has been discovered that their conservation status is already unfavourable and a further 32% are in decline, whilst only 8% are considered to be in favourable condition

Conservation status


Almost favourable

Unfavourable trend


Not evaluated in 2008

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