Three news

The publication of the Atlas of breeding birds of León region, very good publication, very waited for being a province very extended and that owns a great variety of ecosystems.
The atlas of birds of Leon analyzes for the first time the maps of distribution, habitat, populations and state of conservation of the 192 species of birds that use the province of Leon during the breeding season.
This work gathers, the popular or vernacular names with which it is known the birds in all from Leon regions.
More than 50 expert ornithologists they have participated in this project, first in the work of field and soon in the analysis of the data and the edition of the book.

In Internet the Encyclopedia of the Birds of Spain can be consulted, very a well elaborated work, with all the species that can be found in Spain.
Also is possible to buy the Encyclopedia of the Birds of Spain in a single DVD, Published by the Foundation BBVA and SEO/BirdLife, with more than 4,000 pages, 1,600 photographies, 1,200 drawings, 370 archives of sound, 200 videos and 400 maps.

The last news on the birds of Burgos, new blog on birds of the river Arlanza valley, of the birder Alfonso Rodrigo, you will be able to find the up-to-date news of the birds of this impressive place.

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