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Always my field notebook has had drawings with behaviors, species, places …  . recently almost only use for to this task since the vast majority of common records I make is through eBird, the database and app of Cornell university. Sometimes, our Birding tours, become real opportunities to enjoy with the drawing of artists of field notebook, this time Pauline was taking notes and sketching everything that was happening around our, from the colonies of Griffon Vultures until myself in an observation moment.

All this, no doubt a delight for the eyes, and more, seeing the final work.





Our Scottish friends also took a few first bird records, and it is not surprising that some observations, although was not the first time they see Griffon Vulture, It was really spectacular view a close observation of a large group of Griffon Vultures, waiting patiently to the heat of day, origine the current thermals.


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The abundant Red-backed Shrikes still immersed in feeding their chicks, and fledglings, to complete their development in order to begin the great migratory journey that will take them to remote African lands. On that trip they shall be accompanied by other inhabitants still show themselves here as Golden Orioles, Hoopoe, Short-toed Eagle …

In short, a spectacular day with the record of 49 species can check eBird.

Bird List / Lista de Aves


Thanks to Niki and Pauline for your interest in the Burgos Birds.

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