The SACRE Program II

After making the second route to the grids that I have assigned, it’s to make up books of the found species.
The routes have been made with good weather.
In grid VN44 I have located 62 different species and in the VN34, 54 were located, a clear difference because in the VN44 there is more variety of habitats and this is equivalent to a greater diversity of species.
Altogether 71 different species have been located, being located, the Common Cuckoo, excepting an observation of a concentration of approximately 100 Common Swift, as if they were in migration.
Birds that have been located for the first time:
Black-winged Stilt
Common Quail
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Wood Lark
Spectacled Warbler

In grid VN44 stays within the values of other years with maximums of 65 and minimum of 51.

SACRE program

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