The last news on the collisions of birds in the windfarms are terrible, many White-tailed Eagle
died in Norway, Golden Eagles in Scotland (article) and here in Spain, they do not stop of news about dead of Eagles and Vultures.
The bad location of this type of energy is taking to a serious environmental problem, with one serious incidence in the populations of birds, many of these already threatened and in serious danger.
Even so this type of energy generation is continued with publicity like energy that respects the environment, something that this very far from the reality.
Here in the north of Spain the windfarms location cannot be more ominous, just in mountain summits, where the Griffon Vultures, and Eagles finds the currents thermal that they use in his flights.
In other cases these are in migratory routes where the collisions are frequent.
In 1970, the Griffon Vulture was in clear regression, is very possible that this situation we return it to live, single that now, with the destruction of its environment the recovery will be impossible.
A clear disappearance of the Egyptian Vulture is already being seen.
To the problems that produce the windfarms we can add the disappearance of the carrion of cattle origin that before found these birds.

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