The SACRE Program

One of the most interesting programs on birds, this being carried out in these dates in all Spain, is the follow-up of reproductive common birds of Spain (Seguimiento de aves communes reproductoras de España – SACRE), with the obtained data, the evolution of a great amount of species of which it is considered like common and of which is followed until the moment haven´t evidence certainty of the evolution of it’s populations.

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The activity is from but the interesting thing, and the number of detected species can get to be really high, in an average of four hours, and one small variety of habitats I have been able to detect 51 different species!! , like for example the Common, Iberian Chiffchaff and Western Bonelli´s Warbler, or four woodpeckers of the seven that there are in all Spain, Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted woodpecker, Lesser spotted woodpecker and Wryneck.

Also I have been able to observe the unusual presence of a pair of Black-winged Stilt, accompanied by eight Common Sandpiper, in the only lagoon that is within the route.

Also he is peculiar to see like not yet have arrived all the species that to spend the winter in Africa, Common Swift, Golden Oriole….them which will be detected in the second route of this season.

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