Birding Site of the Month: The River Ebro Canyons (West)

Ever since Ebro river enters the province of Burgos until it leaves, this it has formed by means of the erosive action on the limestone materials of mountains, a series of canyons that practically include all the passage of river by the province.
Beginning by located more to the west, form on moors “Las Loras” ones, these they are influenced by the proximity of the Bay of Biscay very, are narrow, winding canyons, of vertical walls or lateral of very hard pending, main decks by oaks, evergreenoaks and beeches trees.
The abundance of vertical walls, has made possible the main fire position of bird of prey and others related to this type of habitat, also running of river by the bottom of the canyons, have given rise to the forests of the river and to its characteristic birds.

Main resident species , present throughout the year.

Griffon Vulture
Northern Goshawk
Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Hen Harrier
Golden Eagle
Bonelli´s Eagle
Peregrine Falcon
Eagle Owl
Common Kingfisher
Lesser Spotted woodpecker
Yellow-billed Chough
Red-billed Chough

Main summer species , present mostly in breeding period, spring and summer.

Egyptian Vulture
Short-toed Eagle
European Nightjar
Alpine Swift
Common RedstartCrag Martin

Main winter species, present only between autumn and spring.

Great Cormorant
Grey Heron

Rarities, species recorded in the area one o two times in the year

Alpine Accentor

Image by Google Earth

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