2 h. & 30 km.

A pretty day, although has been only driving direction of Sedano, but passing on valleys and arable land, as they are lived by a great number of species of birds, some finish arriving from Africa.
This is a simple list of birds observed in 30 km of route that separate the Molino del Canto Inn and the village of Sedano.
As it is possible to be verified, there are no special species, but if we can see as the number of observed species is high, if we consider that a great part of the way through a zone from moor to 1100m.

Blackbird (2)
Song Thrush (1)
Common Cuckoo (4)
Common Swift (+-10)
Common Wood Pigeon (1)
Green Finch (4)
Spotless Starling (3)
Common Raven (1)
Carrion Crow(1)
Eurasian Jay (2)
Magpie (3)
Montagu´s Harrier (2)
Common Buzzard (1)
Griffon Vulture (+10)
Linnet (4)
Yellowhammer (2)
Cirl Bunting (1)
Corn Bunting (4)
Great Tit (1)
Western Bonelli´s Warbler (3)
Iberian Chiffchaff (2)
Red-backed Shrike (2)
Common Coot (3)
Common Quail (2)
Barn Swallow (3)
Wood Lark (2)
Great Spotted Woodpecker (1)
Sky Lark (+-5)
Hoopoe (1)
Common Stonechat (2)
Northern Wheatear (2)
Pied Wagtail (2)
Tree Pipit (2)
Robin (3)
Black Redstart (3)
Melodius Warbler (1)
Woodchat Shrike (1)
Crested Lark (2)

38 different species, I think that is a good number for 2 h and 30 km.

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