The Worst Weather

Probably the worse days for the Birdwatching, are the days with wind, much worse than the rain days and even the snow days.
Diverse situations prevent the observation of the birds, these move less and the movement of the trees prevents correct observations us.
Also the birds sing less or practically they do not sing, and our hearing diminishes considerably.
Even so, today, a day with strong winds, they have been let see the Griffon Vultures, demonstrating its great power of control of the flight, being able to move by the air in any direction, even against the wind.
At the few moments that the wind lessens, the birds return to sing, being able to listen with greater assiduity the Blackbird, the Mistle Thrush, and the Western Bonelli´s Warbler, and less, birds like the Cetti´s Warbler, Wren or Serin.
But the rest of the most common birds, Tits, Finches…., have not been seen nor listened in all the day.

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