A Heavy Snowfall

When spring arrives from the calendar, it arrives the winter with snow and cold. Many of the birds that do not emigrate during the winter, have begun this year to sing early, mainly due to the smooth temperatures of second half of the winter, and some to make nests.

Several weeks ago, are listened to by the field, the songs of Robin, Great Tit, Common Chafinch, Wren, Cetti’s Warbler, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Deeper, all of them emitting their respective territorial songs of courtship and, and even carrying out persecutions, normally of males. But these days, the snow (60cm) has arrived again and the cold and those choirs have been silenced.

Bud the feeders packed of birds, the list:

Blackcap, four males and one female

Robin, lots of

Common Chafinch , lost of

Song Thrush, five

Great Tit, lost of

Blue Tit, lost of

Hedge Accentor, three birds

Grey Wagtail, one
White Wagtail, four

Wood Lark, one
Crested Lark, two birds
Black Redstart, male and female
Common Chiffchaff
European Nuthatch, two birds

Meadow Pipit, one

And the Sparrowhawk

We will have to hope again to that the temperatures activate the mechanisms of courtship of the birds and again we will have another real spring, and with all birds that arrive from Africa, Warblers, Swalows, Martins, and this will cause that he is greater the sound of the field.

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