Birding at P.N. Alto Ebro

DSC07206Common Redstart

A uncommon record of Black Vulture in northern Spain, so this time, luck was with us and between passage through the port of the Mazorra of several Griffon vultures, one of them striking for their uniform dark brown tone of, which together with its greater bulk and flight, quickly we identified as Black Vulture. A good birding day with the other 65 species, a very high records for 4-5 hours of travel. Other interesting observations were those of very localized and limited in the region Subalpine Warbler, and the special interest of Malcom and Clare to observed Rock Sparrow or Red-billed Chough.
As on many other occasions, and since the output from the Inn, the birds that breed in the environment delight of birders, Robins, Great Tits, Spotted Flycatcher, Dipper, Wagtails, Bonelli’s Warblers…
DSC07191 DSC07194 DSC07197 DSC07201 DSC07214 DSC07216

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