Chicks Season

During this time, when we left to see birds is easy to find birds that can seem us strange and unusual plumages, but far from being rare birds, we were at the time at which there is a great amount of chicks that begin his first flights, normally behind the kind parents.
We can see the typical chicks plumages, normally very similar to those of the females, of dull tones and nothing showy, so that they happen very unnoticed before possible predators.
Also its behavior is in showy general like clumsiness in flight or the lack of experience before a possible predator, which easily sees when before us, is almost without fear and even onlooker.
In the environs of Molino del Canto Inn , chickens of, Thrushes, Warblers, Finches, Tits…. can be found like more common birds.

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