The Yearbook

This it is the best project than referring to the birds of the province of Burgos. With him one is able to make a pursuit of the birds that frequent this province, at reproduction season, wintering or migratory pass.
Now it will leave published the number 0, which updates the records from the publication of the Atlas of the Birds of Province of Burgos (published 1996).
All the records, gathered by a group of ornithologists, are being updated every so often time in the Web page,, we were here with the different species from observed birds, according to criteria previously established, or to reproduction, concentrations or interest records.
Also the last news of showy records stand out .
In the last report of 2005 , there are records of 176 different species!!!, between which it is possible to emphasize, the records on Waders, having itself detected to 25 different species!!!, but the province of Burgos haven’t a great number of humid ground.

Congratulations to the coordinators and the birders!!!!

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