Songs and spectacular spring birds

A days especially suitable for bird watching, with good weather, good temperature and blue skies.

Several species of migrants have already arrived to the usual places, Iberian Chiffchaff singing all over the place, the first songs of the Cuckoo, Tree Pipit, Barn Swallow, Black Kite, Short Toed Eagle, Egyptian Vulture or Hoopoe. 

Although there are still some to appear, those that are already present along with those that never leave, make any exit to birding is a spectacle. As more striking species, we could observe, apart from the aforementioned, a pair of Alpine Chough, a species of irregular presence in the area. 

A total of 45 registered species that, as always, become part of the records in eBird.

Many thanks to Margaret and Graham for your interest in the birds of Las Merindades.

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