Winged Jewels

Golden Oriole

We continue to enjoy the birds in the P.N. Cañones del Alto Ebro y Rudrón Nature Reserve, this time being able to observe authentic winged jewels, Iberian Green Woodpecker, Golden Oriole and Hoopoe …. Really all birds have something that can elevate the term jewel, only is necessary appreciate it and know to look at them and especially never tire of birding, because really there aren’t common birds. For example, is not a jewel the Goldfinch?, Or the Rock Sparrow with the yellow spot, like a autentic jewel, or the colour contrasts of Wheatears or small majesty of Shrikes …. we could go up complete the approximate 10,000 species of Earth.

 Cirl Bunting
Red-backed Shrike

But by the time we were the most representative of the P.N. Cañones del Alto Ebro y Rudrón, in this new day of birding inside the natural park, we recorded a total of 43 species including Griffon and Egyptian Vultures, specialists such as the European Honey Buzzard and a good number of small and spectacular birds.

 Grey Wagtail
 Griffon Vulture

Throughout the season, and as usual, the Red-backed Shrike is one of the easiest species to observe, and now with adults  accompanied by several young people who occasionally are seen hunting.
But as mentioned earlier, the presence of very striking bird, the Golden Oriole, without doubt, makes that we stop in their search in a poplars. While the Iberian Green Woodpeckers showed us their undulating flight. Stonechats, Sparrows, Redstarts, Warblers, Harriers … to end the spectacle of the Hoopoe.

 Rock Sparrow
Bird List
Common Quail
Egyptian Vulture

Griffon Vulture
Honey Buzzard
Montagu’s Harrier
Common Buzzard

Common Wood Pigeon

Common Swift
Green Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker


Sand Martin
Barn Swallow

House Martin

Tree Pipit
Grey Wagtail

White Wagtail


European Robin

Black Redstart
Common Stonechat


Song Thrush

Mistle Thrush
Garden Warbler

Iberian Chiffchaff
Great Tit
Golden Oriole
Red-backed Shrike

Carrion Crow

Spotless Starling

House Sparrow

Rock Sparrow
Common Chaffinch




Cirl Bunting

Thank you very much to Karen and Franziska and for your interest in the birds of Burgos
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